Subject: Fwd: OUR HAWAIIAN MONARCHY: FOCUS ON FACTS – A Pictorial History – by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2010)
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Greetings everyone!  CORRECTED VERSION — President Benjamin Harrison and the 1844 articles showing recognition in the Law of Nations…….

This is the 2nd of two books………….the first has been posted at www.theiolani.blogspot.com and www.iolani.wordpress.com

It is important that everyone have information due to the ongoing move to pass the Akaka Bill, etc.

Oppositions will continue even if passed because the true owners exist, including our families………….

aloha and malama pono,

Amelia Gora, a Royal person

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Subject: OUR HAWAIIAN MONARCHY: FOCUS ON FACTS – A Pictorial History – by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2010)
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Hawaiian Monarchy from Kamehameha Thru Queen Liliuokalani with Problematic Issues: Premeditation of assuming a peaceful, neutral, non-violent
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– A Pictoral History –

by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2010)

Let’s hop, skip, jump to the important stuff…………share it with everyone, especially intended for the children because they have been taught so many LIES, LIES, LIES, propaganda, indoctrination, etc.:

These are our Alii Nui:

Kamehameha began the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1810. He also treatied with Aetearoa and the Samoan Islands. The three (3) nations 1) Hawaiian Kingdom/Hawaiian archipelago/Hawaiian Islands/Kingdom of Hawaii; 2) Aetearoa (New Zealand); and the Samoan Islands together were called the Pacific Empire, a democratic group.

Kamehameha II – Alexander Liholiho, was a son of Kamehameha. He tried to learn about the Monarchy government in England. He and his wife died of measles.

Kamehameha III – Kauikeouli, was a son of Kamehameha. He shared his properties with the people, and the Hawaiian government, which is NOT the entity State of Hawaii, a Pirate on the high seas.

The Hawaiian Kingdom was recognized in the Law of Nations:
the following documents are very important due to the recognition of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1844.

Kamehameha IV – Alexander Liholiho was adopted/hanai of Kamehameha III. He was a true grandson of Kamehameha.

The Queen’s Hospital was supported by he and his wife Emma. Kanaka Maoli have free health care at the hospital.

Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 2 hours ago

Kamehameha V – Lot Kamehameha was an older brother of Kamehameha IV – Alexander Liholiho. He was a true grandson of Kamehameha.

The haole/foreigners used his signature to assume large tracts of Crown Lands, water rights, etc. through his signature while he was the Minister of Interior. Even Governor Poindexter in 1936 used his signature long after he died! Yes, thieves, identity thieves, criminal acts are documented by the haole/foreigners.

It was in 1868 when this flag of our Hawaiian Kingdom appeared in the haole/foreigners records:

The flag colors appears to be WHITE, DARK BLUE, RED, WHITE, DARK BLUE, RED, WHITE, DARK BLUE

Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 1 hour ago

King William Lunalilo – he was the son of Kekauluohi, Auhea and Charles Kanaina. His mother was married to Kamehameha, and when he died, she married Kamehameha II. It was part of the Royal Families tradition. Multiple marriages were acceptable for the Royal Families.

King David Kalakaua – He was not a Kamehameha but he did attend the Royal School (see the Calendar article above). His mother Keohokalole was a hanai/adopted daughter of a Kamehameha descendant.

King Kalakaua was forced by the haole/foreigners to sign a Constitution which removed many of his rights. His sister Liliuokalani called the 1887 Constitution the Bayonnet Constitution.

Note: Is it right to have foreigners force someone to sign important documents while they point guns at the person?

King Kalakaua had his own flag made:

A U.S. representative asked for loans from the King and the House of Nobles. The House of Nobles said NO because they would not pay the loan back for thousands of years. The Americans intended to pay only small amounts each month.

His cousin named Robert Wilcox tried to take over the Hawaiian Kingdom. He was charged with treason and pardoned.

Queen Liliuokalani – She was the sister of King David Kalakaua. Their mother was a hanai/adopted daughter of a Kamehameha descendant. She too attended the Royal School and was eligible to be a Hawaiian leader.

The Americans did not like Queen Liliuokalani because she knew some of the things that they were up to.

Once again, Robert Wilcox and others, tried to take over the Hawaiian Kingdom. Once again he was tried for treason, and he was released. Robert Wilcox appeared to be testing his cousins to help the Americans.

Many people tried to pay the Queen for the Hawaiian Islands. They claimed to be Hawaiian subjects but were actually Americans and treasonous, criminals to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Even the U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, former American Civil War General, and U.S. President Grover Cleveland were in on it with England and the bankers (Morgan bankers, Bank of England, and others).

They planned the takeover of our Hawaiian Kingdom since they started to say that Bernice Pauahi Bishop was the last of the Kamehameha’s. That was a lie! Many descendants existed then and exists today.

The U.S. Congress with the U.S. President(s), the military, etc. gave orders to take over the Hawaiian Islands on January 8, 1893:

Additional plans were passed on to the Americans in Hawaii on January 14, 1893:

Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 34 seconds ago

Note: Queen Liliuokalani owned sugar plantations. The haole/foreigners were unkind to the workers. They treated people of color like slaves and did not recognize the Hawaiian Kingdom’s anti-slavery law of 1852.

About Princess Kaiulani. Queen Liliuokalani did not abdicate over to her.

The Diary of the Queen

Note: The haole/foreigners/Americans/Congress deprived her and her subjects, even after Oppositions were made through the KUE Petition. She had been imprisoned, her belongings were removed by treasonous persons, she had been arrested and called treasonous by the Pirates. She was pardoned. The Hawaiian Kingdom was under martial law.

She left a Will which shows that she did not sign a Trust Deed with the haole/foreigners. However, she did sign a Trust Deed with her hanai/adopted daughter.

Prince Kuhio tried to declare her to be incompetent, a crazy person. Queen Liliuokalani maintained that she did not sign a Trust Deed with the haole/foreigners.

Prince Kuhio took an out of court settlement to the claims of Queen Liliuokalani after she died in 1917.

Prince Kuhio and Prince Kawananakoa were treasonous persons, were Masons/Freemasons part of a group who helped to remove Queen Liliuokalani from her position.

Both Princes, although listed and schooled as Princes, they were relatives of Queen Kapiolani and were not the bloodlines of King David Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.

Prince Kuhio and Prince Kawananakoa purchased an interest of the Queen Liliuokalani Trust from a descendant of the adopted daughter of the Queen’s true Trustee. She was not the bloodline of her true Trustee.


The Pirates in place are not the Hawaiian Kingdom. The Pirates maintain Trusts that they do not have ownership to. The Kuhio and Kawananakoa’s are Kanaka Maoli Pirates who support the haole/foreigners/Americans through their criminal claims, lies, deceit, and supported by the U.S. Many issues remain. Ramifications are ongoing.

The Akaka Bill moves to have an illegal, criminal, racketeering, Piracy(ies) once and for all and proclaim our neutral non-violent nation an indigenous bunch of ignorants who have nothing, own nothing, and are nothing.

Akaka along with the Americans, et. als. look to claim an already recognized nation as a bunch of Indians under their authority ignoring the facts our people remain innocent of all of the ills, criminal activities, wrongdoings, plundering on all for the want, the lust, the greed, intent to rape, kill, deceive, commit ongoing genocide, criminal activities by slowly killing our people through depleted uranium/DU and other toxins.

They are the Terrorists of all in our Hawaiian archipelago, and are belligerent occupiers with animosities towards our People of Color.

Oppose their activities in our Hawaiian Islands, for they do not belong and have been given several notices of eviction with the date of December 31, 2010.



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