IOLANI-The Royal Hawk Vol III No. 300 Special Post July 28, 2010

IOLANI – The Royal Hawk Vol III No. 300 Special Posting July 28, 2010 Fwd: Personal Opposition and Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2010-1500 Continued Opposition to Depleted Uranium in Hawaii from one of the Landowners, Amelia Gora, a Royal person
Thursday, July 29, 2010 12:58 PM

“Amelia Gora”,,

[Quotes from Queen Liliuokalani] 5:09+Added to

Quotes from Queen Lili`uokalani

Quotations from Queen Lil`’uokalani of Hawai’i, taken mostly from her autobiography, “Hawai`i’s Story by Hawai`i’s Queen”. Music by Palolo. The …
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Greetings everyone,

In the past I’ve posted some of the families/descendants/heirs of Queen Liliuokalani…..again, am posting this for your information:

Her children/descendants/hanai/adopted were:

Abigail(wahine/female), Luka/Luika/Kaaumoana (wahine/female), Kaeha opio (wahine/female), Kamukai (kane/male); Ioane (kane/male), Kawahie (kane/male). Research continues.

Descendants and heirs exist.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Amelia Gora
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: Personal Opposition and Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2010-1500 Continued Opposition to Depleted Uranium in Hawaii from one of the Landowners, Amelia Gora, a Royal person
To:,,,,,, Web Japan ,


Have just posted the following on

There’s much evidence showing corruption of the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates, Liliuokalani Trust, King Lunalilo Trust, Queen Kapiolani Estates, Queen Emma Trust, criminal claims to the Crown Lands, etc.

Efforts to pass the Akaka Bill continues by Senator Akaka, descendant of documented treasonous person, conspirator of Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian Kingdom and subjects, et. als. whose name was Thomas Akaka.

Congress, along with President Benjamin Harrison did premeditate the criminal assumption of a neutral, non violent nation………..see information at:


and other articles written on the web.

I, Amelia Gora, have been assigned a Police File and have been sending information your way.

Am still awaiting for the entity State of Hawaii Attorney General who is acting as a Parens Patriae for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools for an appointment because our great great grandmother and her descendants were provided payments in the Will of Bernice Pauahi, etc.

Sending you information for background purposes and identifying issues, claims that are active.


Reply by Amelia Gora

1 second ago

hi Kaohi,

am working on Queen Liliuokalani’s issues…………with others………..could use some help with more people protesting the Depleted Uranium………………

meanwhile many of Queen Liliuokalani’s families exist…………am from two ancestors who fall directly under her as child and hanai child relationship………..premature to let everyone know what’s happening……

the findings of Bernice Pauahi Bishop being hapa-haole, half white also has much ramifications…..

the findings that Prince Kuhio taking an out of court settlement has much ramifications as well……

Oppositions are a must…………..against the Depleted Uranium use in our Hawaiian Islands, against the Akaka Bill, etc.

stepped up research is ongoing…….

maintaining a neutral, non-violent nation………….in alignment with our great great great grandmother Queen Liliuokalani.

aloha nui.

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 9:36 AM, wrote:


Thank you for inquiring through our department website. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the Chief’s Office for further review.

In the spirit of aloha,

HPD/Community Affairs Division

—–Original Message—–
From: Amelia Gora []
Sent: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 08:24 AM
To: ‘Isaac Harp’, ‘Kennedy, Michael’, ‘Hawkens, Roy’, ‘Baratta, Anthony’, ‘cc Everett Ohta’,
‘Congresswoman Hirono’, ‘Representative, Cindy Evans’, ‘Docket, Hearing’,
‘Sexton, Kimberly’, ‘Kent Herring, LTC, JA’, ‘Tucker, Katie’, ‘OGCMailCenter Resource’,
‘OCAAMAIL Resource’, ‘Jim Albertini’, ‘Angela Rosa’, ‘Amelia Gora’, ‘Cory Harden’,
‘Scott, Catherine’, ‘Klukan, Brett’, ‘Barbara Moore’, ‘Julian, Emile’,,,,, ‘Web Japan’,,,,
Subject: Personal Opposition and Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2010-1500 Continued Opposition to Depleted Uranium in Hawaii from one of the Landowners, Amelia Gora, a Royal person

A Personal Opposition with Land Ownership Interests and Oppositions from the Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Families House of Nobles of the Hawaiian Kingdom (which did go “under ground” and exists)


On October 27, 2009, a Certificate applied for from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission site was approved through the Filing Help Desk – Josh Phone (266) 672-7640.

I have continued to Oppose Depleted Uranium and documented Oppositions countless time to you an agency which is Not Granted the Opportunity to Contaminate our families Private Properties, additionally it is purposeful that Opposition continue and remain on record due to the disregard of true Land Owners, and the fact that we are interested in maintaining the health, safety of all in the Hawaiian Islands/archipelago, even includes foreign citizens such as Americans and other foreigners.

Much research has been done, which shows that the Crown Lands Owners includes Kamehameha III – Kauikeouli’s adopted children are his heirs, the successors heirs are also part of my/our bloodlines.

See reference(s) below.

After intense, detailed history research, genealogy research, legal research, our Private Properties have been criminally claimed by Pirates, treasonous persons, conspirators against the Hawaiian Kingdom of whom descendants, Sovereigns, directly connected to the ownership of these Crown Lands exist. I, Amelia Gora, am one of the owners, and deny any relationship/blood lines of Jew Linda Lingle, “Joe Jap” Daniel Inouye, and have documented Senator Daniel Akaka as a direct descendant of Thomas Akaka who assisted in the dethronement of our Queen in 1893, etc.

The Premeditation, Piracies by the U.S., England, and the bankers is hereby documented.

The ownership of the Crown Lands of which the intended use of Depleted Uranium is Not Approved. Eviction notices for the military has been given to remove themselves from Makua, Schofield, Pohakuloa, is a real issue at hand.

Depleted Uranium is the cause of many people dying from cancers, DNA mutations, diabetes, etc. See links below.

$500 Trillion Dollars a year in gold coins for rents and leases retroactive since 1893 is also maintained, and the U.S., England, and the Morgan bankers/International bankers/Bank of England has been billed and this is a reminder of rents, leases owed to Kamehameha’s, Kamehameha III’s families, et. als.

Other Land Holdings being affected by Depleted Uranium/DU

And what of the other landowners such as the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates who have assumed interest as if it was entirely theirs? Trustees, by the way, are not related to us, and if they claim to be, it can be proven that they descend from conspirators, treasonous persons, pirates documented.

I, Amelia Gora, am one of the descendants of Bernice Pauahi’s cousin named Kalola who has interest in the the KSBE Trust which began in 1884, or pre-dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.

I, Amelia Gora, also descends from families who are on the Will of Bernice Pauahi, who by the way has been found to have been half white, which means that I as one of the representatives of our family(ies) and descending from Kalola am one of the heirs of Bernice Pauahi’s Hawaiian father and that part of the lands are also claimed.

I, Amelia Gora, descends from Kaaumoana, one of the heirs in the Bernice Pauahi Will who also was an adopted daughter of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/Liliuokalani and finally known as Queen Liliuokalani. Kaaumoana and her descendants are the true Trustees of the Liliuokalani Trust/Queen Liliuokalani Trust which is currently held by thieves, scoundrels, criminal activists, perpetuating a lie and disregarding Queen Liliuokalani’s Will which documents that she did not sign a Trust Deed with Samuel Damon, et. als.

I, Amelia Gora, descend from Isaac Davis, John Young, British persons who married into the chiefly lines of Kamehameha and have the blood of his brothers and sisters, and who are the true owners of Pearl Harbor which the U.S. military criminally assumes – based on a fraud deed of 1876, criminally pours hundreds of thousands of gallons of nuclear waste into the Hawaiian archipelago.

To put it simply, I continue to Oppose all use of Depleted Uranium/DU on all of our Private Properties, and additionally, as one of our Royal Families House of Nobles I hereby add Opposition to support support the Private Property Claims as well, and maintain Opposition in behalf of our families, kanaka maoli, foreigners including Americans, and others living, residing, visiting the Hawaiian Kingdom (which did go “under ground” yet exists), a neutral, non violent, friendly nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean being contaminated by a belligerent occupier, the U.S., a “colony of the Crown” of England, etc.

I continue to Oppose all use of Depleted Uranium/DU as one of the true trustees/acting trustees of Liliuokalani Trust/Queen Liliuokalani’s Trust, etc.

Opposing Depleted Uranium through genealogies, history revisited, legally and documenting genocide, etc.,


Amelia Gora, a Royal person and Acting Liaison
of Foreign Affairs, a Representative of the Royal
Families House of Nobles, Hawaiian Kingdom


On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 9:47 AM, Amelia Gora wrote:
Governor Lingle
Attorney General – Parens Patriae
Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates/KSBE/ Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Trusts/Estates
U.S. President Barack Obama
To All Whom It May Concern


I, Amelia Gora, am one of the descendants of Kahakuakoi who married Kealohapauole, heirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop who was claimed to be the last of the Kamehameha’s. Kahakuakoi/Kaaumoana/Kekua/

Kuahine (w) a hanai/adopted child of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/Liliuokalani/Queen Liliuokalani married Keoki/Keoke and others.

Kahakuakoi/Kaaumoana/Kekua/Kuahine (w) had several of her own children, step children, and adopted children. Our line comes thru my father’s line whose father Joseph Gora descended from Kahakuakoi/Kaaumoana/Kekua/Kuahine(w) daughter Kuahine/Maria/Maria Rosa/Maria Figueira/Rodrigues/Silveira (w) who last married “Joe Jap” as recorded in the marriage documents/Giomatsu Matsugoro/Matsugoro Takeshita and had many children including my grandfather Joseph Gora.

According to the Will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Kahakuakoi her husband Kealohapauole, and their descendants were to be paid $30 per month.

I, Amelia Gora, along with members of our family would like to meet with you in regards to the monies/lands owed, past due, etc.

As you are the assigned Parens Patriae for the entity State of Hawaii representing the Hawaiian Kingdom Trust created in 1884, we would like to meet with you to discuss the amounts owed, etc.

Amelia Gora and Family Background:

30+ years history, 22 years genealogies, 15 years legal researcher. Writer, author of books, articles, news on the web IOLANI – The Royal Hawk; former entity State of Hawaii employee, U.S. Federal Government employee, and currently self employed.

With both parents genealogies, our family descends from Kalaniopuu, Kamehameha, Kekaulike of Maui through children Kamehameha Nui, Kekuamanoha, Kaeokulani, Kahekili, Kalola (w); John Young; Isaac Davis; Mahihelelima; Kanekapolei(w); Akahi (w) et. als. or most of the Ruling Chiefs in our Hawaiian Islands.

Specific Ancestors and Interest in Lands

Additionally, I, Amelia Gora, am one of the descendants of:

Thru Father John Kekapu Gora’s Lines

Kalola (w) who was the documented first cousin of Bernice Pauahi Bishop and whose name is recorded in the Probate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop thru her father Kalaniulumoku (k) brother of Abner Paki (k) claimed father of Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Kalaniulumoku (k) and his brother Abner Paki (k) descended from Kamehameha Nui (k) son of Kekaulike (k) of Maui.

Luluhiwalani (k) who was the son of Keoua (k) brother of Kalanimoku (k), Boki (k) et. als., grandson of Kalaniopuu (k) uncle of Kamehameha.

Kapooloku/Kapoolohu/Poomaikelani/Princess Poomaikelani who was claimed to be a daughter of Kaeha/Makaeha/Kamakaeha/ Liliuokalani, and whose daughter was Haili (w) who married Kaluakini/Luakini (k).

Kaluakini/Luakini (k) was the son of Nahuina (k) married to Kaili/Kamaliiwahine (w), whose father was Kikau (k) married to Akahi (w)/Chiefess Akahi the last wife of Kalanimoku(k) counselor of Kamehameha II/Liholiho, and Kikau’s father was Nuuanu (k) who married Kanekapolei 2(w) and whose father was Mahihelelima (k) brother of Kanekapolei (w) who married Kalaniopuu (k) and Kamehameha (k), the Sovereign who started the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1810. Kaluakini/Luakini was also his descendant.
Kaluakini/Luakini (k) was the hanai/adopted father of Kapiolani/Queen Kapiolani who was a sister of my grandmother Elikapeka Kaimiola Kaluakini. (see Reference below). Our families maintain claims in lands claimed by George Macy – Macy Stores – invested in the the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates and the lands of Nuuanu (k), Nahuina (k) that the entity City & County plans to build the Rail terminals on the Ewa Plains; the lands of Akahi/Chiefess Akahi (w) whose last husband was Kapaa (k), and claimed aunt of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, but our own great great great grandmother and great great grandmother due to her legal adoption by her own grandmother when Kaluakini/Luakini (k) and his kokua wife Haili (w) were sent to Kalaupapa Leper colony.

Thru Mother named Mary Kuulei Castro married Gora Lines

David W. Pauahi who was the son of Peke Davis, a hanai daughter of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III, true daughter of Isaac Davis, and Grace Kamaikui. David W. Pauahi was sent to Kalaupapa Leper Colony and married Haili (w) another ancestor there. David W. Pauahi had a hanai/adopted son named David W. Pauahi opio of which our families maintain interest in lands claimed by the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates. Additionally, Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III maintained the lands owned by his hanai/ adopted children were secured forever to their families. These lands affects the claimed holdings of the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates who illegally claimed Halawa and conveyed to the U.S. Federal Government….includes Pearl Harbor, other areas; Queen’s Hospital, and criminal claims by attorneys without legal rights, etc.

Kapehe opio/Kapopo (w) who married David W. Pauahi, descendant of Alenoho whose mother Kalima married Matatio Kekuanaoa, the father of Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV; Lot Kamehameha/Kamehameha V; Victoria Kamamalu, et. als. Kalima maintained interest due to dower, and stepsiblings existed including our ancestors Alenoho (k), Kapehe (w), Kapau (k), Kapena (k), Umiokalani (w), Kalua/Ialua (k), Napua (w), Paalua (k), Enoka/Enosa (k), E.N. Kaaua (k), Keloha (w), Kekapu (w), et. als. Interest in lands claimed by Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, etc. are affected.

Meeting Requested

A meeting appointment is hereby requested to discuss the amounts owed to each of us, the lands in the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Will, etc.(other heirs of Bernice Pauahi Bishop in the Will, Codicils, and Probate).

We are open for an appointment with you, the Parens Patriae, for any day/time in the next two weeks.


Amelia Gora, a Royal person

cc: information to interested others

attachment: hanai/adopted document of Luakini/Kaluakini (k); Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III’s document regarding his hanai/ adopted children and their descendants lands.

1) Why the Kawananakoa’s are NOT the only families of Queen Kapiolani:

2) Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III’s children/hanai children/adopted children, etc.

from Isaac Harp:

Isaac Harp sends the following:

Re: LB Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04) US Army Installation Command

Isaac Harp
to Michael, Roy, Anthony, Everett, Congresswoman, Cindy, Hearing, Kimberly, Kent, Katie, OGCMailCenter, OCAAMAIL, Jim, Angela, me, Cory, Catherine, Brett, Barbara, Emile

show details Jul 5 (1 day ago)

from Isaac Harp
to “Kennedy, Michael” ,
“Hawkens, Roy” ,
“Baratta, Anthony” ,
Isaac Harp
cc Everett Ohta ,
Congresswoman Hirono ,
“Representative, Cindy Evans” ,
“Docket, Hearing” ,
“Sexton, Kimberly” ,
“Kent Herring, LTC, JA” ,
“Tucker, Katie” ,
OGCMailCenter Resource ,
OCAAMAIL Resource ,
Jim Albertini ,
Angela Rosa ,
Amelia Gora ,
Cory Harden ,
“Scott, Catherine” ,
“Klukan, Brett” ,
Barbara Moore ,
“Julian, Emile”
date Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 11:18 AM
subject Re: LB Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04) US Army Installation Command

hide details Jul 5 (1 day ago)

Aloha Your Honors Hawkins, Kennedy, and Baratta:

I am seeking an update on the status of my appeal below.

Thank you,

Isaac Harp
P.O. Box 437347
Kamuela, HI 96743

Phone: (808) 345-6085

—– Original Message —–
From: Isaac Harp
To: Docket, Hearing ; Amelia Gora ; Angela Rosa ; Baratta, Anthony ; Barbara Moore ; Klukan, Brett ; Scott, Catherine ; Cory Harden ; Hawkens, Roy ; Jim Albertini ; Tucker, Katie ; Kent Herring, LTC, JA ; Sexton, Kimberly ; Luwella K. Leonardi ; Kennedy, Michael ; OCAAMAIL Resource ; OGCMailCenter Resource
Cc: Julian, Emile
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 1:01 PM
Subject: Re: LB Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04) US Army Installation Command

By this e-mail I am filing a Notice of Appeal in the matter of the Atomic Energy Safety and Licensing Board Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04), US Army Installation Command (Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii, and Pohakuloa Training Area, Island of Hawaii, Hawaii), Docket No. 40-9083, served February 24, 2010.

Please find attached:
1) HARP Appeal Supporting Brief,

2) Appendix U.S. P.L/ 103-150, and

3) Appendix DOJ.

Thank you,

Isaac Harp
P.O. Box 437347
Kamuela, HI 96743
Phone (808) 345-6085

—– Original Message —–
From: Docket, Hearing
To: Amelia Gora ; Angela Rosa ; Baratta, Anthony ; Barbara Moore ; Klukan, Brett ; Scott, Catherine ; Cory Harden ; Hawkens, Roy ; Docket, Hearing ; Isaac D. Harp ; Jim Albertini ; Tucker, Katie ; Kent Herring, LTC, JA ; Sexton, Kimberly ; Luwella K. Leonardi ; Kennedy, Michael ; OCAAMAIL Resource ; OGCMailCenter Resource
Cc: Julian, Emile
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:17 AM
Subject: LB Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04) US Army Installation Command

Attached is a Licensing Board Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04), US Army Installation Command (Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii, and Pohakuloa Training Area, Island of Hawaii, Hawaii), Docket No. 40-9083, served February 24, 2010.

Nancy Greathead

Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff

Office of the Secretary


from Kaohi/Luwella Leonardi:

I’m getting tired of arguing the same argument. The military are applying for a permit to posses Depleted Uranium. To continue the use off in there live fireing at Makua and Schofield. There is no such thing as clean up!! Wake up- Kanaka! They has to be someone out there that know how to keep the Pacific Nuclear Free!!

I am tired of arguing or even hearing some asshole tell me to my face “Military needs to clean up their nuclear mess in the Pacific” how studpid one can get. Take time out and research ‘waste streaming’ there is no such thing as cleaning up nuclear waste. Are we all that stupid! Na Kanaka if the military is granted a License to posses and use Depleted Uranium in the Pacific, they plan to send the first Nuclear bomb from their arsenal to North Korea and Iran.

There is no Treaty Ban On Nuclear it expired! If these signatures are not on paper by April 10, 2010 and agreed upon we are in extreme danger. The U.S. Congress will not convene until 2011 the treaty will not appear until Congress and Russia’s Duma sign the agreement

Small peepee, locker peepee, hurt me..hurt me.. this is not a sports game this is real!!! This is not baseball, nor is this football practice–game over is permanent. We can’t go to the parking lot get in our cars and drive home and have cocoa and crakers and kiss our children goodnight. Once that stupid nuclear arsenal leave Hawaii, or Guam –shit’s going to hit our atmosphere. One that we cannot live in and have happy happy at the beach as once we know.

Stop the bombing and feel Nuclear Free Pacific today! Then take your position to the streets! If not be prepared to die! Bottom Line. Kaohi

Reply by Kaohi

/Luwella Leonardi
Aloha Amelia,

Thanks for bringing this back up got diverted in local objectivity/abstract issues.

In 2001, I was contacted first by the Royal Order than by a women that just came from a conference. She and I went to Women’s Center to xerox the recent published book..I just found it two days ago!!! in my messy files. That night I attended a Waianae military meeting with the information/hard copy back in 2001. ISBN4-88517-301-9 C0036
“The Chugoku Shimbun” story and Photos by Alira Tashiro, Translation by Transnet Forward by Leuren Moret President, Scientists for Indigenous People. 2001
Here is the Foreword:

I met Akira Tashiro last summer in Hiroshima, when I was invited by Gensuikin to speak about Yucca Mountain and high-level nuclear waste at the Plenary Session of the 2000 World Conference Against Atomic & Hydrogen bombs. The citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki live with the aftermath of the horrific power and annihilation of nuclear bombs dropped on a civilian population and the extreme cruelty of the lifelong effects of exposure to flash external gamma rays and internal low-level radiation from fallout. This reality has changed the live of all those who have visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki and learned not only about the hibakusha (survivors) of japan, but of those around the world in Kazakhstan, the Pacific Islanders, and the Western United States. Radiation respects no borders. It is a slow, silent global mutilator of all life.
In the 197’s I worked as an earth scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. There the transuranium elements were discovered for the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and the use of depleted uranium (DU) on the battlefield was first discussed. Later I worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab, where the design of nuclear weapons continues. Radiation and nuclear weapons continues. Radiation and nuclear weapons are seldom mentioned in a climate of secrecy and denial. Many scientists work in isolation and are only dimly aware of the larger project.
In the moment that I stood in the Hiroshima Peace Museum on the anniversary of the bombing looking up at “Little Boy,” I was overwhelmed as a scientist. I realized that engineering and technology had built devices, through the misapplication of science, that could destroy all life on Earth. I saw photos of women with vacant stares nursing dead babies. As a mother and giver of life I wondered how, without conscience, man could destroy 4.5 billion years of life evolving on this Earth. The unbelievably dangerous powers of nuclear weapons have been developed by divorcing science from ethics, a Western phenomenon.
The Chugoku Shimbun, Hiroshima’s newspaper, has published two award-winning series on exposure to radiation. The first book, EXPOSURE: Victims of Radiation Speak Out, is a powerful message about the detrimental effects that radioactive substances from nuclear testing and “peaceful uses” of nuclear energy have had on people and the environment. In this second book, Discounted Casualties, personal stories about DU reveal the unbelievable immorality and cruelty of this new radioactive weapon.
Radioactive waste from nuclear weapons development, mixed with highlevel waste from nuclear reactors, becomes a lethal cocktail in DU ammunition. In recent reports, the US Department of Energy has admitted that military reactor waste has been mixed with DU. The waste contains plutonium, uranium-236, neptunium and other isotopes thousands of times more radioactive than DU. Disposing of dangerous waste at a profit benefits US government agencies and the military industrial complex, while passing the liability for disposal and the biological and environmental damage to citizens around the world.
Tungsten is a biologically and environmentally safer alternative with greater density and penetrating power. DU bullets are pyrophoric and ignite on impact, producing a smoke that poisons life and travels great distances. The bullet fragments and dust left in the bodies of soldiers cause extended suffering, and cruel and inhumane deaths years after the war has ended. DU is radioactive. It is a toxic metal, and the toxicity is greatly increased when combined with chemicals. It disproportionately affects women and children.
DU munitions are illegal under international human rights and humanitarian law. Nevertheless, the US, the self-proclaimed “International Champion of Human Rights,” has used this inhumane weapon on the battlefield, exposing its own soldiers, its allies, civilian populations, and future generations. Du testing in the US, continues to expose unsuspecting citizens and the environment. Pilots at Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada trained on nearby bombing and gunnery ranges for the Gulf War. Now, the “don’t look, don’t find policy” of the military is concealing the cause of a recent leukemia cluster among children in Fallon. Overseas, the use of radioactive trash in weapons has turned Gulf countries, the Balkans, Viegues Island, and Okinawa into dumpsites for the US government and the radiation industry. A single microscopic particle can cause a lethal disease. DU will continue to poison life from the dust and soils of the battlefields and testing grounds. In ten half-lives, or 45 billion years, the radioactivity will become an insignificant amount.
Which is worse, flash annihilation by nuclear explosions, or slow mutilation from low-level radiation, the result of radioactive contamination of the air, water and earth essential to life? Globally, we have been deceived about the health effects of radiation by bureaucratized governments informed by the military industrial complex and scientific power. In the past half-century, 1.3 billion people have been killed maimed, and diseased by nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Millions more will be killed, maimed and diseased unless the citizens of the world demand an end to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear waste, and the new radiological weapons.
As the bell tolls, we must honor and respect the hibakusha around the world, who are living reminders that we are pulling the rope of our own death knell. Let us thank the citizens of Japan. The Chugoku Shimbun, and Akira Tashiro, for making us aware of the most important issue of this century. And thanks to the veterans, whose stories make it clear that democracies, as well as living bodies, can develop malignancies.
Berkeley, California
June 2001
Leuren Moret
President, Scientists for Indigenous People


Reply by Kaohi

/Luwella Leonardi
I’m so heartbroken because Niihau has a super high rate of diabetes and we know why? If only we did not have a ‘war on drugs’ then Dr. Shintani could be giving his lectures alongside the successful “Waianae Diet”.

But, back to my point. Right offshore near Niihau their is a drift zone and the military and their little boy club countries dump nuclear waste into that drift zone. I learned this in the late 70s when the Nuclear Free Pacific was at it’s high.

As Leuren says, “DU causes diabetes”

My email was compromised and google won’t give it back.

Other references:


facebook message in answer to “Dear World, Grow up……Thanks”:

Kuulei Gora
i rather have the saying “Beam me up Scotty, the earth sucks”….and wouldn’t you know it…the dumb suckers want to muck up everyones world ….in space too. =op ……



aloha nui.


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Sudden Rush- Messenjah’s (Feat.Amy Hanaialii Gilom)

Sudden Rush- Messenjah’s (Feat.Amy Hanaialii Gilom)
by sablancpm

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malama pono.

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